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Hacked webcam pictures

If the wire you use is not insulated, you can wrap it with a few strips of electrical tape.

this instruction set details a solderless variation of the Eye Writer that uses a hacked PS3 Eye and a pair of stunnas we bought on Venice Beach and suggests other possible Eye Writer configurations.

The following part and materials list details the components and tools we used to make a solderless Eye Writer: Parts:1x IR sensitive Camera (without auto-iris)-- PS3 Eye.

unscrew the four screws on the back of the PS3 eye2.

Crack open the case using a small flat head screw driver3.

You will need to scratch and try to turn the lens to unscrew it.

Keep repeating this process until the lens separates and can be unscrewed.

$39.95 US (using this camera system removes the need for an additional video capture card)1x camera-lens mount-- you can use the lens mount that comes with the PS3, but it is glue together and difficult to separate-- Lens holder, M12x0.5, 15.5, centered $6.00this is the cheap one, but it requires some modification to match PS3 through-hole footprint-- more expensive $20.001x cheap glasses-- really any cheap sunglasses will do... ~$5.00aluminum wire-- 9-gauge wire $7.993x alligator clips-- Radio Shack $7.00a pack of wire-ties-- Radio Shack $2.492x IR LEDs-- Radio Shack $1.99tape1x 8mm camera lens-- Fixed IRIS Lens Set for Webcams and Security/CCTV Cameras (6-Lens Pack) $14.91IR wratten-- infrared filter gel $26.99Cheaper DIY version of IR filter include cutting a piece of film out of a floppy disk or using unexposed and developed photographic filmbattery holder-- Radio Shack AAA holder $1.99Tools:small screw driver set-- 7ps set $14.95scissors--steal them from a kindergartensome other optional parts and tools if you want to get fancy:electrical junction connectorsscrewsdrillsoldering iron, solder, flux,shrink tubetap and tap handleperforated circuit boarddremal a video capture card (if not using a PS3 Eye)-- The camera arm needs to hold the camera rigidly in front of one eye, but also be flexible, positionable and easy to manufacture.

The best material we have found in terms of rigidity, flexibility, machinability, cost and weight is 9-gauge aluminum wire.

Our "Eye Writer" system has several specific design limitations that were meant to emphasize low-cost and ease of construction over other aspects of performance, robustness and appearance.

The specific parts and tools you use to build your own "Eye Writer" will depend on your ability, location, financial resources and creative (surely you can do better than us -- we're American thugs), but do allow the following design specification to help you to seamlessly connect your hardware to the Eye Writer software and to explain the ethos of the project.

The Eye Writer Development Team is: Tempt One Graffiti Research Labopen Frameworks The Ebeling Group FAT Lab Zach Lieberman James Powderly Evan Roth Chris Sugrue Theo Watson Keith Pasko LM4KEleanor Dunk Jamie Wilkinson Greg Leuch With special thanks to the Not Impossible Foundation and Sven Travis from Parsons Communication, Design Technology The goal of the hardware component of the Eye Writer project is to make the most simple and inexpensive eye-tracking head-set possible to use with the "Eye Writer" software suite.