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Chen and coauthors concluded that a sedentary lifestyle alone does not lead to LBP.

Axial loading of short duration is resisted by annular collagen fibers in the disk.

The pathophysiology of mechanical LBP remains complex and multifaceted.

Multiple anatomic structures and elements of the lumber spine (eg, bones, ligaments, tendons, disks, muscle) are all suspected to have a role.

Mechanical LBP due to cumulative trauma tends to occur more commonly in the workplace.

In a systematic study review, Chen et al investigated whether a sedentary lifestyle (which the authors defined as including sitting for prolonged periods at work and during leisure time) is a risk factor for LBP.

However, the investigators found no significant difference in pain reduction between the 2 groups at 12 months.

The severity of an acute traumatic event varies widely, from twisting one's back to being involved in a motor vehicle collision.

Examining journal articles published between 19, they identified 8 high-quality reports (6 prospective cohort and 2 case-control studies).