Start Poradnik elektryka online dating

Poradnik elektryka online dating

I was intrigued to read about a growing site, My Girl Fund, which brings together paying male clients and women who, for a fee, pose as their girlfriends - virtually.

You are the consumer and you can have any need fulfilled, as long as you’re able to pay for it.

And having a real life partner doesn’t or shouldn’t, work like that.

And although the site shares operational features with many other cam girl sites, it focuses on offering the ‘virtual girlfriend’ experience rather than an overtly sexual one.

I am also curious about the fact that so many men are willing to pay for a virtual girlfriend experience.

There has also been a boom in services like Girlfriend Hire and Fake Internet Girlfriend, companies which act as digital concierge services, creating imaginary partners who will send you fake messages and write on your Facebook wall.

Even events company Wish jokingly offered a Valentine’s Rent a Rebound service, creating a hot new lover who would make your ex jealous on social media.

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