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She specializes in helping the Midlife Singles to find and attract the lasting love romantic relationship they desire.

Indeed, she believes there is someone for each of us and as a dating coach helps clients to dramatically increase the number of high quality dates and move to a satisfying, fulfilling, and committed life partner relationship expressed in marriage.

Men feel her understanding and appreciation of them as men.

series consists of a refreshing variety of male portraits taken in an intimate setting – each image portrays men at home, naked and alone.

Ekue’s approach is rather playful and she doesn’t stick to any predictable, scholarly principles of photography.

Ekue is also an author and a blogger whose writing is covering similar topics like her photography, such as healthy sex life and fitness. photo contest judged by the filmmaker Spike Lee, after only several months of teaching herself how to use a DSLR camera.

Ekue’s main interest in photography are nudes and editorials and she gives her best to capture the small events and emotions of everyday life.

Also, her body of work features roughly equal amounts of color and black & white photography.

Ekue’s work represents a creative homage to masculinity, sexuality in general, and the concepts of positive body image and self-acceptance.

A limited edition book featuring the first 16 men photographed in this series will in released in the fall of 2016, while the exhibition of this project was held in May, 2016 at in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Before officially becoming a photographer, Ekue was an art model herself and because of this experience she has great skills when it comes to capturing the most beautiful nuances of people’s expressions.

The artist took photos of three different dildos against various backgrounds and the locations she chose for this series were busy quarters of her native NYC.