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These cells are the smallest electronic chart data unit of sale allowed by ENC producers and typically have ENC data approximately equivalent to a nautical chart.

Additionally, Admiralty provides unique coverage for over 200 ports.

All ships using AVCS receive a UKHO certificate, which confirms that all ENCs using AVCS satisfy the chart carriage requirements of SOLAS Chapter V.

Example Port Folios Mariners have the option to hand-pick single ENC chart coverage that is needed to meet the specific requirements of the mariner's Fleet to ensure exact coverage of the shipping routes.

All ENCs in the Admiralty Vector Chart Service can be picked on a chart-by-chart basis as individual ENC cells.

Ensuring that every AVCS customer receives a complete and up-to-date set of data on board is essential to remaining SOLAS Chapter V compliant.

AVCS customers receive ENC updates via e-mail, download or a shipped CD or DVD, on a weekly basis.

The risk of data piracy or distribution of unofficial, malicious ENCs is low as the AVCS S-63 Edition 1.1 meets protection standards released from the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO,) which are regularly updated.

Admiralty is the world’s leading ENC service, helping crews to navigate safely and efficiently around the globe.

These folios of ENCs are made for local and coast line trade, where more descriptive coverage of complex coastal areas is needed. AVCS Regional Folio Overview | Example Regional Folio Port Folios Port Folios are usually made up of Approach, Harbour and Berthing ENCs grouped into a single data set unit.

Under normal operational conditions, ships approaching a port directly from an ocean passage will need Transit and Port Folios only if not involved in coastal operations.

AVCS includes 2,950 of the largest and busiest ports globally, of which AVCS offers unique coverage for over 200.